About Phekong Wellness Center

Registration No: 2006/147064/23
Tax Reg Number: 9315458167

Phekong by definition means a Place of Care.
Was formed in 2006 as a means to promote human resource productivity in our work places and health and wellness in our communities at large. We focus on Holistic Health and Wellness. We are a multifaceted company comprising of Corporate Health and Wellness, Occupational Health and Human Physical Wellbeing, Nutrition and Beauty. We assist corporate firms with investing in their employee’s wellbeing. We believe that a healthy mind and healthy body contribute to great productivity.

Our Promise

We design programs and campaigns that are suitable for every Client according to their needs and we consider the age, gender and the area. We provide this service at any location and we adapt set up and deliver to any environment or space. 

Our Vision

To teach and educate our clients how to incorporate healthy living and lifestyle daily. 

Our Goals

To instill a culture of taking care of the Mind and the Body for our Clients through individual or corporate Wellness programme. This knowledge and programmes gives strengthandenergytoperform attheoptimalbest. 

200+ Happy Customer

200+ Happy Customer

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5 Companies Helped

5 Companies Helped

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!0 Years of experience

!0 Years of experience

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